I am a procrastinator of sorts. If you give me a hard and fast deadline, my masterpiece will sail into your hands just in time. If, however, I tell myself I should start a new blog and fail to give myself a deadline, I’ll spend the next three years chewing up ideas and spitting them out. I’ll start whole text chains devoted to amazing blog titles. I will fret over SEO until the cows come home. And then, 36 months later, I will still have nothing to offer. But, on the 37th month! Then… inspiration will hit me. I’ll spend too long listening to an oldies station and an amazing song will pop on. My ego will shatter when I realize I don’t actually know every song in existence… but I’ll fall in love with tune that burst my bubble. And that, dear readers, is when I’ll find my title.

Because “Flora, Fauna, Female” ignores the fact that sometimes I want to talk about music. And “Audiodaughter” didn’t do enough to show off my love for design. But, “Oh, What a Dream,” can be anything and everything. And that, against all reasonable advice, is exactly what this blog is. It’s the song that inspired my midday scribblings for a new book. It’s the gorgeous art print that tied together my whole bathroom. It’s the mountains I long to climb again. Dreams are never made up entirely of one idea or thought. They’re never swayed by certain categories. They are your brain’s way of processing all your day’s findings and activities. So, come along. Poke around. See what I’ll dream up next.


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